Sales automation benefits SME entrepreneurs

THEMPC Ltd is a UK promotional and branding company with a difference.

Founded in 2013 by Paul and Emma Marsh, THEMPC provides a complete streamlined marketing production solution from design, through to sourcing, printing, fulfilment and distribution – all from under one roof.

A CRM system needed to support business growth

As owners of several successful businesses, Paul and Emma were looking for a marketing consultancy that could provide strategic marketing direction and support, to free up their valuable time to focus on business strategy, development and growth.

Along with strategic marketing direction, the entrepreneurs also wanted advice regarding a suitable CRM and marketing automation system that would enable them to gain the best advantages from their business growth strategies.

With a 4-strong dedicated internal sales team, THEMPC didn’t have an in-house CRM system to effectively manage their sales pipeline. It limited their visibility of current and future business opportunities.

Maximising business performance with sales automation

After completing the necessary foundation work, which included activities such as development of
core values, personas and analysis of their customer journey, the Brevity team started work setting up the CRM and marketing automation system.

As a SharpSpring Gold Partner and advanced certified user, Brevity recommended and implemented SharpSpring because it’s a well-suited CRM and marketing automation platform for SME businesses, both in terms of price, ease of use and functionality. One of the attractive features for THEMPC was the unlimited user access, so the system scales in line with their team without
incurring significant additional costs.

CRM case study

SharpSpring has given THEMPC the ability to manage their sales pipeline effectively, maximisingtheir conversion rate, in addition to a host of other benefits:

  • Sales performance transparency – they have visibility of each sales representatives’ workload and can identify any training requirements

  • Lead nurturing – through personalised and targeted marketing content they can now nurture leads whilst cross-selling/upselling products and services

  • Optimised sales processes – using the sales automation tools and workflows, they ensure no opportunities become stagnant, with regular follow-up tasks scheduled for the sales team

  • Engagement visibility – when and how leads engage with their brand is now easier to see and they can follow-up any interest in a timelier manner

  • Analysis capabilities – management reports give THEMPC clear visibility of the success of sales and marketing activities, enabling them and Brevity to review what’s working and what needs amendment

Paul Marsh, Managing Director THEMPC Ltd, commented:

“Brevity was recommended to us by one of our suppliers, who had partnered with them on a number of projects and experienced first-hand their unique and collaborative approach.”

“Initially, Brevity worked closely with us to identify key areas for improvement and to create a strategy to prioritise and implement effective sales and marketing tactics to enhance our existing processes and increase efficiencies.”

“SharpSpring gives us real-time visibility and transparency over our sales activities. The personalisation and marketing automation capabilities of the system are a massive bonus and we’re only just scratching the surface of what it can do for us.”

“We’re positive about the next steps in our SharpSpring journey and welcome all the possibilities this system brings, in the knowledge that it will be a key player in supporting our sales team and our ambitious business expansion goals.”

Kaia Vincent, Director of Brevity commented:

“Paul and Emma have embraced our marketing services and the rewards of trusting our strategic marketing direction is paying off. Along with all the foundational work we completed, SharpSpring CRM has provided that essential visibility of sales and marketing activity which is crucial when you have an internal sales team.”

“Fusing the skills of sales and marketing is no mean feat and it’s been encouraging to see a sales team take on new technology and reap the benefits.”

Strategic and tactical marketing activities undertaken for THEMPC:

  • Values
  • Personas
  • Customer journey
  • Website audit and new structure/layout recommendations
  • Content creation – copywriting for website landing pages, blogs, case studies
  • Social media audit and recommendations
  • CRM and marketing automation system implementation and staff training