B1G1 giving: 10,000 impacts and counting

Written by Laura Brown
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Brevity’s partnership with B1G1 began in January 2022, and so far we have created over 10,000 impacts across the globe. We completely smashed our target of 10,000 impacts by October 2023. Woo hoo!

How Buy1Give1 works

Founded in 2007 in Singapore by Masami Sato, B1G1 has since grown into a global initiative with more than 2,700 purpose driven businesses and individuals as members.

B1G1’s mission is simple but powerful: to create a world where giving is a part of everyday business and personal transactions. B1G1 achieves this by enabling businesses to embed giving into their daily operations, and by providing a platform for individuals to give to causes that they care about.

Their charitable giving  model is based on the idea of “micro-giving,” which means that small amounts of money can make a big impact. The company works with a network of carefully vetted and trusted giving projects in various parts of the world. These projects focus on a wide range of issues such as education, health, poverty, environment, and more.

Each of the projects can be selected to directly support one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so it’s easy to align them with your business goals and values.

Brevity’s support for the Sustainable Development Goals

Brevity has chosen UN SDG’s 3. Good Health and Well-Being and 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth as the goals to focus on, however we donate to such a wonderful variety of projects that no goal misses out!

How Brevity gives

Each quarter, Brevity links new projects with business activities such as sending client invoices or when clients request extra marketing activity. We then send each client a monthly Certificate of Gratitude, detailing the impacts they have created by just doing business with us.

B1G1 gratitude certificate

In addition to our regular giving, we also create giving stories for other activities too. When employees complete a team sustainability challenge, we offset their employee carbon for the month. And we cleared 10KG of beach waste in Indonesia to celebrate our first beach clean at Alum Chine, Bournemouth, in March 2023. We also donate when clients and suppliers complete their annual surveys, as well as offsetting the monthly carbon emissions from head office.

Your giving possibilities are endless with B1G1!

B1G1 giving beach clean

Start giving in four steps

  1. Create your B1G1 account

First, you can simply create your account based on your company size. As you begin your giving journey, you can set your giving budget by allocating a percentage of your revenue or simply a fixed amount to start with. Now, you are ready to start creating great impacts.  Don’t forget to use our promo code  BM15682.  If you do, Brevity Marketing will receive $20 of impacts for use on the B1G1 site and B1G1 will give 50 days of access to education to a child in the worldNow that’s the start of a beautiful giving story!

There is an ongoing administration fee each month to be part of B1G1, but the charitable giving amount is flexible and down to you.

  1. Select the causes you care about

Just like an online store, you can easily filter and search for projects that match your preferences. From providing a meal to conserving the rainforest, you can find hundreds of tangible opportunities with project costs starting from just one cent. Your impact budget can be spread across many projects to help solve many important issues.

  1. Choose a business trigger

Select a core business activity ⎯ such as a sale of a product, interaction with a customer or a special milestone ⎯ and link a specific impact to the activity. You can create multiple Giving Stories and update them periodically, and even automate your Giving Stories by creating automations with the apps you use in your business.

  1. Engage your team

B1G1’s Impact Tokens are a great way for your company to let your team members choose the impacts they want to create as well. And the impacts created by your team can also be included in your company’s impact counters so that you can share the progress you’re making collectively as a team. You can also share you team’s achievements on your social media channels, too.

What I love about the B1G1 charitable giving experience is that it’s quick and easy, plus giving can be individualised. Rather than saying ‘we gave £10 to X charity, our message can be because we raised an invoice for you today, you’ve made it easier for a child living in Cambodia to get to school this month and have a more consistent education.

Kaia Vincent, Director, Brevity Marketing

If you wish to start your giving story with B1G1, then please use this promo code BM15682.  Brevity Marketing will receive $20 of impacts for use on the B1G1 site and B1G1 will give 50 days of access to education to a child in the worldNow that’s the start of a beautiful giving story!

Do get in touch if you have any questions about B1G1 – we’d love to help! Simply contact us on 01256 536 000 or email hello@brevity.marketing