Equality Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

From racism to religious discrimination, gender pay gaps and hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community.

There’s a plethora of trouble in our society.

Most of which occurs simply because people don’t take the time to understand each other.

These troubles can flow into the workplace. They can be very evident or extremely subtle. Bias behaviours can also mean that teams don’t benefit from the diversity of a rich mix of people – all with their own life experiences that can be enriching for any company.

Boosting business success starts with a happy and healthy workplace, and let’s face it, toxic environments thrive when people aren’t treated fairly and they don’t know how to communicate in the most appropriate way with people they see as ‘different.’

Create a more inclusive and equitable workplace with Brevity’s EDI half-day workshop.

Course Structure:

The aim of our EDI course it to equip you with valuable insights and tools to champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in your professional journey and in your personal life. Remember, fostering an inclusive workplace is a continuous effort that begins with self-awareness and commitment to change.

1. Icebreaker:
– Introduction to the course and participants.
– Setting the tone for open discussion and learning.

2. Exploring Change:
– Reflecting on personal perspectives on change.
– Understanding the emotional response to change and its implications.

3. Understanding EDI:
– Defining EDI and its significance in modern workplaces.
– Stepping out of the drama triangle: Recognising and addressing conflict.

4. Overview of EDI Terminology:
– Exploring key concepts such as stereotyping, prejudice, labelling, protected characteristics, equal opportunities, and diversity.
– Understanding the impact of these terms on EDI efforts.

5. Self-Reflection:
– Examining personal biases and perceptions through the concept of “Your echo chamber.”
– Recognising the importance of self-awareness in fostering inclusivity.

6. Importance of EDI in Business:
– Exploring the business case for EDI.
– Understanding how EDI contributes to organisational success and innovation.

7. EDI in Communications:
– Strategies for promoting inclusive communication practices.
– Addressing barriers to effective communication in diverse teams.

8. Improving EDI at Work:
– Practical tips and techniques for enhancing EDI in the workplace.
– Developing action plans for implementing EDI initiatives.

9. EDI Course Quiz:
– Assessing knowledge gained through interactive quizzes.
– Reinforcing key concepts covered in the course.

The course is delivered live by Kaia Vincent FCIM and equality specialist Priya Brown, but also includes videos and individual and group practicals:
– Integrating video presentations and practical exercises throughout the course.
– Enhancing engagement and understanding through real-life scenarios and case studies.

Course costs: £795+VAT for up to 12 delegates. 10% discount for Brevity customers and B Corporations.

To book a course please contact Kaia Vincent on 07446298634 or email hello@brevity.marketing.

Priya Brown – Workshop Facilitator

With almost 20 years’ experience in industry, Priya is a skilled and qualified strategic marketer and runs her own consultancy business. She is passionate about promoting equality, diversity and inclusion; and is an active community volunteer and public speaker. She is the founder of women’s business support group, Boss Mamas; Governor at award-winning Basingstoke College of Technology; Communications Officer and Local Elections Candidate for the Women’s Equality Party in Basingstoke; Fundraising Executive at YPI Counselling; Member of the Basingstoke Hate Crime Awareness Group, BCOT Unity Group, Basingstoke Black Success Initiative and a Skillstree Ambassador for EBP South.

Kaia Vincent – Workshop Facilitator

Kaia is a Chartered Marketer and founder of Brevity, a B Corporation marketing agency. She has over 25 years’ senior marketing experience and was awarded a marketing fellowship by the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2018. Kaia is also the host for People Planet Pint in Basingstoke, a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs and an Independent Visitor for a young person in care. Whilst going through B Corporation certification it became evident that EDI needed to play a part in the marketing mix. Kaia reached out to Priya Brown to help her create a bespoke equality, diversity and inclusion workshop course for Brevity; with course content that can help organisations build more equitable, diverse and inclusive environments, moving the agency closer to their vision of happy, healthy, sustainable businesses – as standard.

Supporting communities, people and the planet

Along with supporting our customers, we do our bit to support communities and our planet; and these are aligned to our core values. We support the UN Global Goals through our business activity but also through our partnerships with B1G1 which allows us to give back and support other business people and families. In addition, we are a member of the 1% Pledge organisation which means we have agreed to give 1% of our profits to charitable causes.  We are also accredited by The Good Business Charter and The Sustainable Marketer.

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