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Your business started from a sense of purpose and passion for planet and people.

Your business started from a sense of purpose and passion for planet and people.

As an SME disruptor, you’ve already challenged the status quo and opened customers eyes to more responsible, ever-evolving innovations.

What you need now is clarity on how to cultivate ethical and sustainable business growth.

Brevity shares your thoughtful approach to business. Using sustainable marketing strategies, we’ll develop your SME as a force for good, as well as a successful and profitable brand.

Brevity principles diagram

Let Brevity’s marketing mandala be your guide

Brevity has taken the mandala– an ancient tool of focus and guidance – and used it to reimagine marketing for today’s world and the ‘big picture’ perspective of SME disruptors.

Our five sustainable marketing principles will drive meaningful marketing performance that positively impacts not just your world, but the world around you.

We host People Planet Pint in Basingstoke and Worthing

No agenda, workshops or webinars. Just chat over some drinks.

In this relaxed meet up we host regular events to chat about what’s going on in the Sustainability space and meet others who are interested in the industry.

Chat with other industry experts and talk directly to business owners facing the challenges you’re trying to solve.

Find others who can collaborate and help you on your journey and have fun doing so!

Basingstoke – Tuesday 13th June the Holly Blue pub

Worthing – Tuesday 15th June @ The New Amsterdam pub

How Brevity’s team will help grow your purpose driven business

Brevity’s monthly marketing service provides your business with the skills and expertise of our team for a fixed fee and a set number of days per month.

Using the mandala, we’ll support you on your journey through five principles, building a strong foundation from which we’ll deliver marketing and PR activity that resonates with your key customers, suppliers and team.

Enjoy our entire team for the cost of one marketing manager.

Vital elements to streamline

  • Define authentic values

  • Inspire and attract likeminded customers, staff and suppliers

  • Transform sustainable intentions into achievable actions

  • Communicate in an inclusive language

  • Plan and run campaigns that resonate on a practical, profitable and ethical level

  • Win positive media coverage & awards as a champion of sustainable success

Talk to us about the benefits of our marketing approach

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Supporting communities, people and the planet

Along with supporting our customers, we do our bit to support communities and our planet; and these are aligned to our core values. We support the UN Global Goals through our business activity but also through our partnerships with B1G1 which allows us to give back and support other business people and families. In addition, we are a member of the 1% Pledge organisation which means we have agreed to give 1% of our profits to charitable causes.  We are also accredited by The Good Business Charter and The Sustainable Marketer.

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