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How do you create a sustainable marketing strategy when…

  • marketing is ever-evolving
  • too many strategies, tactics & self-proclaimed ‘experts’ (yawn!)
  • continuous churn of ‘the next BIG thing’ in marketing to learn

Yep! It’s confusing all right. Especially if marketing isn’t your passion.

"The more I think, the more confused I get!" 

Disclaimer: There’s no ‘quick fix’ when it comes to marketing

A short anecdote for you:

The architect says to his builder “Look, John, my client needs to be moved in by the end of next month. So, forget about the foundations – just build the walls, install the windows and get the roof on.”

It sounds absurd, doesn’t it.

But this is what we see organisations doing with their marketing every day.  They want to start with the tactical lead gen stuff before the foundational work is in place.

How to create a sustainable marketing strategy

Brevity has taken the mandala– an ancient tool of focus and guidance – and used it to reimagine marketing for today’s world and the ‘big picture’ perspective of business leaders.

Our 5 marketing principles + Brevity's affordable marketing team helps drive meaningful marketing performance that positively impacts your business – long-term.

No.1: Stop faking it!

For the rest of your working life you have to think and behave like someone else. How long could you keep this up?

10 minutes? A week?  A month? A year? 

Most of us can’t behave like someone else all of the time. So why do companies believe it's sustainable?

Be Real

We believe that the ultimate superpowers for any business are being self-aware and authentic. So that's what we deliver for you in the first principle.

  • Understand who you are as an SME business leader and discover how to use your personality traits to your best advantage

  • Set 3 authentic core values with impactful statements that deliver clarity to customers and employees about your company culture

  • Craft 3 statements that truthfully define Why you do what you do (purpose or BHAG) How you do it (mission) and What future success looks like When you achieve your goal (vision)

  • Be clear on how your customers, employees and suppliers feel about your company and how well this aligns with your values and purpose

  • Align your business with two UN Global Goals to give substance to your giving impacts

No.2 Embrace the power of people

People.  They can be the beating heart your business - or the kryptonite.

People Power

Lots of marketing research goes on at this stage of our mandala principles.  It’s where we deep dive and scrutinise.  There will be lots of ‘ums’ and ‘ahhs’,“I didn’t realise thats'” and “It all makes sense now”.

  • Clarity on who your ideal customers are and how to best communicate with them

  • Insights into your top competition, with an understanding of opportunities and threats posed

  • Know the leaks and opportunities that occur in your customer journey

  • Creation of inclusivity guidelines to ensure communications consider language and tone of voice for your stakeholders

No.3 Have you got the oomph?

When opportunity strikes make certain the stakeholder journey is smooth, clear and consistent.


We've made it through the toughest of stages (phew!).  Now it’s about assessing what assets are fit for purpose, what's missing and fixing it (remembering Rome wasn't built in a day).

  • Audit of all current digital and offline assets as well as gap analysis to identify what you will need

  • Review of data and privacy policies to ensure your marketing databases and digital policies achieve compliance/legislation.

  • Development of 12 month marketing plan with actionable tasks and measurable KPIs - so we can see what's worked and what needs to be refined

No.4 Build deeper connections with many

Reaching your audiences with communications that not only answers their needs and wants - but creates a memorable feeling


Now we can get started with pushing your message out there. Hoorrah! 

  • Set-up of CRM & lead gen platform to provide you with what you need to connect and develop sustainable relationships with your target audience

  • Commence development of campaigns, case studies, blogs, award submissions, PR and more...

  • Start campaigns!

No.5 Give back, feel better

Embrace a greater mission for people and planet


If using your business as a force for good is important to you, we can help here too.

  • Access to our tribe of professionals who are trusted experts in their business field

  • Implement sustainable and wellbeing initiatives within your organisation to engage your team in what being a 'force for good' really means

  • Embrace the feeling of supporting and helping others as your business becomes more successful

  • Develop an impact report to showcase your positive contributions to people and planet

Interested in chatting through how we can help you create a sustainable marketing strategy?

Read.Watch.Listen. Reimagine.