Supporting communities, people and the planet

Along with supporting our customers, we do our bit to support communities and our planet; and these are aligned to our core values. We support the UN Global Goals through our business activity but also through our partnerships with B1G1 which allows us to give back and support other business people and families. We are also accredited by The Good Business Charter and The Sustainable Marketer.

Business for Good Impacts

Our contribution to reduce the world’s to do list

The UN Global Goals highlight areas where our planet needs improvement.  We have decided to support two of those goals, Well being (Goal 3) and Economic Growth and Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8).  From helping Kenyan farmers maintain their beekeeping businesses through to giving young people in India access to arts workshops to develop their creative and life skills.  Working with Brevity means you’ll support these impacts too because we give every time we write a blog for your business and raise your invoice.  When a new customer comes on board we fund 2 life changing eye operations in a developing country. 

We can all make a difference  #WorldsToDoList

B1G1, a global business giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving.

Check out the Global Goals we support and impacts made



“Values and being an ethical business have always been the backbone of Brevity.  We worked on creating the right culture internally at first, so Brevity is genuinely a really good place to work.  And now we’re turning our attention outwards and thinking about how we can use the business as a force for good.

“B1G1 makes it really simple for businesses to support good causes.  We link donations to specific activities or business wins, so the more successful we are the more we give. That feels right.”