Brevity embraces four-day week as part of flexible working policy

Written by Kaia Vincent
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At Brevity Marketing we pride ourselves on our company culture. Our values not only underpin our approach to marketing, they resonate with the entire Brevity team and with our clients.

We’re adventurous, we’re balanced and we’re real.

To compliment our values, we’ve decided to trial a four-day working week to promote an improved work/life balance.

Many of the staff at Brevity already work flexibly, we believe a shorter working week for all will allow the team to enjoy other activities and pursue personal interests. In addition, it will also provide headspace to give our creative minds a break boost.

Think about your own working life. If you’re happy, inspired and content outside your career, you’re more likely be motivated and able to deliver your full potential at work.

Our four-day week doesn’t mean we’ll be any less available to our clients. The office remains open five days a week, with staff working from Monday to Friday.

Let’s face facts

One in four people overwork by 10 hours or more a week, according to the CIPD UK Working Lives survey.

Although 54% of UK workers do work flexibly in some way, around 68% still want more job flexibility which is not often available.

Yet, there are huge benefits to a four-day working week, according to research from the Henley Business School. Flexible working attracts and retains staff, lowers employee sickness and increases productivity.

Around 70% of the 2,063 people surveyed also claimed a four-day working week would improve their mental wellbeing.

A culture that supports working parents

For Brevity’s PR Manager Jenny, being able to work flexibly around her children, Arthur and Theo, means she can be there for them while delivering the results clients need:

“I work very hard to ensure I get done what I say I will, and to a high standard.

“The logistics of how, when and where I work don’t really matter so long as clients get the outcomes they want.

“It’s a much more agile approach to working and allows me the balance I need between work and home life.”

Latest addition to the team, mum-of-two Samantha joined us earlier this month and is already impressed with Brevity’s culture:

“It’s refreshing to be working for a company that is very forward thinking in offering flexible working.

“It really shows that you look after your employees and want the best for them in a personal sense as well as professional.”

More fulfilled staff get better results

Copywriter Kelly, believes Brevity’s Director, Kaia’s attitude to flexible working is refreshingly holistic and shows how invested she is in her staff as people, not just as employees:

“Flexible working allows me to do poetry courses and work on my own writing projects.

“The space to do this is vital to my development as a ‘wordsmith’ and as a person, allowing me to add value to Brevity because I am happier and more fulfilled.”

For Director Kaia, flexible working and a four-day week is a no brainer which already fits in with Brevity’s values:

“We’re all conditioned that a working week means five days. My weeks and weekends were merging into one and I felt like I had no respite.

“With a passion for going off the beaten track, I decided to trial the four-day week concept.

“One extra day away from the office environment has not only improved my lifestyle, but helps supercharge my creativity and spark new business ideas – that’s beneficial for the business, my team, our customers and me.”

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