Ecommerce fulfilment provider makes the most of big opportunities with Brevity’s insightful approach to content marketing

Fullers Fulfilment has been providing multi-channel fulfilment services since 1961. Their clients include Mars Wrigley and BMW as well as an array of contemporary brands to watch in the food, drink, health, beauty, fashion, pet care and consumer lifestyle sectors.

From their sites in Hampshire, Berkshire and The Midlands, Fullers picks, packs and dispatches hundreds of ecommerce orders every week. Streamlined systems and swift, flexible processes are complemented by the skills of proactive and diligent fulfilment experts.

Opportunity knocks and knocks

Consumer retail has been going through a virtual evolution for a while. New online shopping technology is emerging all the time and the power of social media has allowed ecommerce entrepreneurs to join high street names in the fast lane to retail success.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic closed physical shop doors, this momentum went into overdrive. Brands from every industry rushed to attract a captive audience of online shoppers and meet growing ecommerce demand.

Customer expectation for fast delivery, real-time order updates, and on-brand personalised packaging led savvy ecommerce businesses to seek slicker, outsourced fulfilment solutions.

Lockdown wasn’t the only factor fuelling demand for fulfilment in the UK. The popularity of subscription boxes, an appetite for unusual craft beverages and artisan foods, thriving wellness trends, rising numbers of pet care consumers, and desire for sustainable products saw many ecommerce businesses requiring faster, better and stronger fulfilment solutions.

Post-Brexit, some European retailers sought a UK fulfilment house to avoid customs duties and paperwork, too.

Half a century in the fulfilment business combined with investment in the latest technology made Fullers Fulfilment the perfect partner for companies like these – but they would need an intelligent content strategy in order to get noticed by this abundance of potential clients…

Being seen in the moments that matter

Fullers Fulfilment has the storage, picking and packing capabilities to deal with everything from violins to dog treats. From a content point of view, that makes their target audience incredibly diverse.

Having already chosen Brevity as their PR and marketing team, they asked us to help them reach this broad spectrum of potential ecommerce fulfilment clients with high quality, engaging online content.

Brevity would need to leverage Fullers’ heritage and position as a safe pair of hands during a time of uncertainty. The content would need to educate younger ecommerce businesses scaling-up, hungry for reliable information. And how might Fullers stand out to ecommerce entrepreneurs gaining traction on Instagram – and more established brands alike?

7 hours of content, across 11 touchpoints, in 4 locations

As diverse as their respective fields may be, fundamentally all ‘buyers’ share the same decision-making process.

Google says it all starts with the ‘zero moment of truth.’ During this vital preliminary stage leading up to the sale or signing of a contract, the target audience needs 7 hours of interaction, across 11 touch points, in 4 separate locations before they say yes – A.K.A. the ‘7-11-4’ theory.

Brevity drew on their extensive marketing, copywriting, social media and PR expertise to put ‘7-11-4’ into practice and increase visibility of the Fullers Fulfilment brand in the zero moment of truth.

Here’s just some of the content we created to achieve this:

  • Fortnightly blogs filled with fulfilment news, trends and tips to support each specific sector

  • Inspiring case studies showcasing Fullers’ portfolio of expertise

  • Social media posts to engage with up-and-coming brands g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Bi-monthly email newsletters to provide a round-up of advice, updates and stories of interest

  • Website content and brand refresh – collaborated with Fullers’ designers on optimised content for a new easy-to-navigate website

  • Video – storyboarded and organised a video shoot to give potential clients a virtual tour of the Slough warehouse

  • Photoshoots at warehouse locations, organised and co-ordinated through Brevity

  • eBook – wrote, designed and promoted ‘An Introductory Guide to Outsourcing Your Fulfilment’ to help ecommerce novices

  • Press coverage to raise brand awareness in trade and local press, including Insider Media, The Business Desk and Business Innovation Magazine

  • Email content to assist potential customers after their initial enquiry

Tony Dempsey. Divisional Managing Director, Fullers Fulfilment:

“Brevity Marketing has helped Fullers Fulfilment to capitalise on an era of major opportunity for our fulfilment business. We’ve reaped the benefits of working with a whole marketing team.

“Flexible and responsive, Brevity has enabled us to reach an ever-evolving target audience with a stream of topical blog content and case studies.

With their abundance of fresh ideas, they’re proactively cultivating social media engagement and collaborating fluently with our existing web team to enhance our website.

“It’s not every day that you score a supplier 11/10 but with Brevity we have been able to do just that.”

Targeted content results in new clients, another site and more staff

With their skills, creativity, experience and insight, the Brevity team has helped Fullers to maximise a major window of opportunity.

Fullers is now seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right people – and their business has developed as follows:

  • Expanded into a brand new brand-new multi-channel fulfilment centre in Warwickshire
  • Recruited new staff across all sites to accommodate rising demand for speedy, high quality fulfilment
  • Added more exciting brands from growth sectors to their portfolio, including: sustainable fashion label Seventy + Mochi, natural pet food brand James Wellbeloved, award-winning Finnish skincare company Lumene, and purveyors of fine wines and spirits, Gardabani from Italy and Georgia
  • Increase website traffic via social media channels by 259%
  • Improved quality of web traffic (over 33%) due to improvements to SEO and updated content across the website, 74% of which are first time visitors to the