How marketing helped a SaaS company generate business growth

Established in 2006, PRD Technologies Ltd solves billing and data processing challenges for telecoms companies, cloud solution providers, and businesses in other sectors.

Simon Adams, the Founder and Managing Director of  PRD Technologies Ltd, was referred to Brevity by a trusted source in November 2020.  The SaaS company had previously worked with a marketing consultant but it had not reaped the rewards of the investment made.

Future success depends on today’s fully realised potential

Although PRD had managed to attract some reputable clients independently of successful marketing, Simon knew his billing system, Intelligent Billing, had so much potential for bigger growth, especially in new sectors such as CSP and gaming. As with most business owners, he wanted to financially secure his future in the long term – and get a higher yield when he was ready to retire.

PRD’s key issue was that, without an inhouse marketing team, the business was struggling to build the desired awareness. PRD didn’t have the in-house skills to develop the brand to a higher professional standard.

business growth services

The 5 Principles: It all starts with insight

Simon was refreshed by Brevity’s approach to marketing.  Rather than kicking off with a campaign and lots of ill-informed tactical activity, Brevity explained the benefits of following their business growth services based around unique marketing principles. These would allow Simon (and Brevity) to better understand:

Brevity analysed PRD’s customer journey and how their customers think and buy, providing clarity about how to best promote and communicate Intelligent Billing to their new and existing audiences

We discovered how this valuable insight could be utilised to not only win the right customers, but also attract the right people (and 3rd party suppliers) to join the PRD team (enabling further business growth)

Following these strategic activities, Brevity was in a stronger position to make informed suggestions to Simon. We advised him which assets and lead generation approaches would need to be developed and implemented (e.g. website rebuild, SEO, case studies, blogs, events, press and media), along with the all-important lead generation campaigns – that every business owner desires.

What a difference a year makes…

  • Successfully diversified into new markets and is regularly receiving quality leads which have turned into new customers

  • Attracted top talent, expanding their team by 25% during the last 3 months to support business growth.

  • Seen marketing activity thrive to the extent that Simon has recruited an internal Head of Marketing, who works side-by-side with Brevity’s extensive team. PRD enjoys all the skills of a fully-fledged marketing department, for less cost

Simon Adams commented:

“Brevity Marketing was recommended to us as an agency that could help take our marketing to the next level. We had previously outsourced marketing services with mixed results, so I was somewhat sceptical about the effectiveness of marketing.

“As an SME in the tech space, looking to branch into new markets, we weren’t sure what we needed in terms of marketing to support this growth. It has been refreshing to work with an open and honest marketing agency that looked at the overall picture – from a different perspective. Brevity helped identify what needed to be done, and then put a realistic plan in to action.  It’s definitely worked and we are in a much stronger position with them by our side – they feel like part of our internal team.”

Kaia Vincent, Director of Brevity commented: “I feel what makes a successful entrepreneur is to not just have a quality offering, but traits such as the ability to relinquish control of certain aspects of your business – like marketing – to trusted specialists.

“If growth and success is a strong goal, delegation is an important quality every entrepreneur needs to possess. Having a team, or partners, in place that you can trust, frees up time to be ‘entrepreneurial’ rather than being a business owner who is stuck in the day to day running of the business, rather than building it. Working with Simon is a pleasure because he understands that a specialist team will enable him to build his business to the next level.”

Entrepreneur Neil Patel has written an informative blog around the subject of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  Indeed, point 8 in his 30 ways to become a successful entrepreneur highlights the need for hiring great partners that can not only do the job well but have great characters and whom you like and respect.