Leading the way in the circular economy: An interview with Hannah Clevett

Written by Laura Brown
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World of Books Group podcast

Brevity’s sustainability podcast series ‘Stories of Sustainability’ features interviews with guests who are some of the most inspiring sustainability leaders in their respective field. Each episode is full of insights, inspiration and tips to motivate everyone to create small changes. If you’re looking for a circular economy podcast episode to listen to, then look no further!

This blog captures the essence of Laura’s interview with Hannah Clevett, Impact Manager at World of Books Group. In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, businesses that prioritise environmental and social impact are gaining prominence. World of Books Group, a leading global seller of used books, is one such trailblazing company that stands out in the mission to create a circular economy. Hannah sheds light on how the brand is not only redefining the way we read but also making a significant difference in our world.

World of Books Group: Where sustainability meets second chances

World of Books Group, a Certified B Corp, has pioneered the art of rehoming books, keeping them in circulation, and saving trees in the process. In 2020, the UK printed book market was valued at a staggering £2.6 billion, with 32% of sales accounting for pre-loved books. The company’s mantra is simple – they’re not just selling books, they’re rehoming them, promoting affordability, and sustainability, all in one. It truly is ‘The feel-good place to buy books’.

Redefining the relationship between readers, authors, and the planet

World of Books Group understands the dilemma readers face: the desire to support authors and the publishing industry while being eco-conscious. To address this, they created the AuthorSHARE initiative, which directs royalties to authors from used book sales. Over 50,000 authors have already embraced this ground-breaking idea.

Join the circular economy movement and save 516,000 Trees with World of Books Group

By purchasing pre-loved books, World of Books Group keeps them in circulation longer, reducing waste and, in the process, saving the equivalent of 516,000 trees in a single year. Rather than just talking in numbers, the company is even planning a life cycle assessment to provide an accurate carbon-saving figure for each book, making the environmental impact tangible for customers.

The power of innovation and online platforms in circular economies

In an era of digitalisation, innovation and online platforms have played a crucial role in the buying and selling of pre-loved items. World of Books Group not only rehomes books but also uses platforms like eBay and their in-house software, Shopiago for charities and Ziffit for customers, to facilitate this circular process.

Shopiago is proud to work with the majority of charities across the UK, and through Shopiago Ecommerce, Collection and Trade-in, they have helped to raise over £60 million for their charity partners. In addition, they have successfully diverted over 815 tonnes of media from going to waste. Make money, make space, make a difference.

Stories of Sustainability podcast.

The World of Books Group Coventry warehouse

Engaging Gen Z: how World of Books Group speaks the language of younger consumers

World of Books recognises the power of the younger consumer segment. With 83% of their customers buying pre-loved books to help the planet, they engage with the Gen Z audience through social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Brand ambassadors and influencers spread the message about sustainability and circular economies to attract more eco-conscious Gen Z consumers.

Certified B Corp: How World of Books proves their commitment to sustainability

World of Books Group’s B Corp certification, with an impressive score of 102, demonstrates their unwavering dedication to sustainability. The company’s commitment to sustainability is unshakable, as they’re mission-locked, ensuring that even changes in ownership uphold their sustainability strategy.

Small behaviour change, big impact

Hannah offers a simple yet impactful piece of advice for those looking to be more sustainable – look for brands with certifications like B Corp and Carbon Neutrality. Additionally, don’t get overwhelmed; make one new pledge each year, such as buying only used books or walking to the shops, and gradually build a greener lifestyle.

Listening to the full podcast will provide a more in-depth understanding of World of Books Group and the incredible impact they’re making in the realm of sustainability and the circular economy. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey toward a greener, more sustainable world, don’t miss the opportunity to tune in to the full podcast and discover how World of Books is leading the way.

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More about World of Books Group

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