Business that shape their company culture create better client experiences, increase staff loyalty and enjoy greater business success

Written by Kaia Vincent
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As 2019 gathers speed, smart companies will be exploring new ways to take their business above and beyond client expectations. Simply providing good products or services used to tick all the boxes when it came to the attraction and retention of a strong client base. Whilst clearly this remains a vital component of your success, the traditionally linear client journey has been replaced with a more circular, customer-led process – more like a flywheel than a funnel. The momentum of that flywheel comes largely from the client experience.

Memories are made of this

Creating a memorable connection with your clients is about more than just finding the practical end solution to their issues.
So, how do you create a client experience that sets you apart from your competitors? Demonstrate what makes your company unique! Every firm has an individual blend of skills, experience, personalities, principles and philosophies that forms the culture in which they work and informs the inimitable way in which they communicate with clients.

Getting to know you

You may dealing with complex business requirements and different characters every day, so you’ll have become wise to the myriad quirks of human nature. But how do you step back and get perspective on your own personality – and on a collective level? Work together! Include staff from all parts of the firm, not just senior staff. The fundamental rule of defining your true company culture is that you do it as all together, as a team.

By identifying what’s special about your business, you can turn it into your USP – your brand – and use it to shape a client experience with more depth and longevity. After all, your culture exists whether it’s designed or not – so why not acknowledge it and make it work for your business?

3’s the magic number

We strongly recommend that you simply stick to a few words when defining your values. Any more than this and it gets confusing and difficult to remember, defeating the object somewhat. Brevity Marketing can provide instructions for a simple and fun team exercise that will carefully draw out your core values that represent your business culture.

The power of authenticity

Beware the pitfalls – this is not just an exercise in word play. Some businesses make the mistake of establishing their culture purely by concentrating on what they think customers want them to be – not who they are…

“Business leaders have to learn that identifying a culture is not about plucking a few words out of a thesaurus just because they sound right.” says Brevity’s Director and CIM Fellow Kaia Vincent. “Culture has to be collectively defined by the entire workforce. Employees will only truly understand what it means to work for your firm and embody the culture if they have been a part of its evolution. Have an open and honest discussion about who you truly are and what you stand for – only then will your values genuinely chime throughout your business in a way that benefits growth.”

Kaia continues: “Most businesses now operate in highly competitive environments, so by correctly defining your culture, you will naturally differentiate yourself from the crowd and this becomes a much more powerful proposition that can deliver long-lasting business relationships.”

The benefits don’t end there

Identify and express your values and you’ll see clients with shared beliefs select your offering over your competitors because your culture resonates with their own ethos – but there are advantages far beyond an increased caseload.

A strong company culture will also attract, motivate, focus and retain great staff who will be the face of your brand and provide a consistently outstanding experience for all those clients. Brevity has worked with numerous businesses who have incorporated their values into their recruitment and performance management process, acting like a filter to find and keep talent with a compatible personality as well sought-after skills.

What results from this internal equilibrium is business stability, employee loyalty and subsequently a consistent customer experience that’s beneficial to your overall business.

Second nature

Defining your company culture and the associated values and behaviours might feel rather new at first, or perhaps slightly awkward if you’re not used to working in this way. However, if it’s a joint effort and you stay true to who you are, it will start to flow like second nature and it’s well worth the effort when you add up all the benefits:

  • a stronger identity for your company, uniquely positioning you in the marketplace
  • values that resonate with your key audience and attract repeat business and word of mouth recommendations
  • more compatible team members with unified direction and a shared sense of purpose
  • an improved and more strategic decision-making process, consistently cross-checked against your values
  • less time recruiting and re-recruiting the wrong people

Identifying your core values will have a positive impact on your business from the inside out. Take time to choose the words you can live and breathe as a team; acting like a compass for everything you do.

Do you want to learn more about how to shape your business culture, create a better client experience and see your business thrive? Brevity Marketing is here to help for a one-off project or as a monthly marketing resource. Call us on 01256 536000 or email