It’s the little things, and personalisation is one of them

Written by Laura Brown
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Imagine it’s 5pm on Friday and you fancy a beer to celebrate the start of the weekend, only to see there are none in your fridge. It’s not a catastrophe though, because you know you can effortlessly order some on your smartphone via Deliveroo and they’ll be delivered within the hour. Good times! Then as you unpack the bag you notice a personal hand-written note, just for you. Such a nice touch and it makes you feel valued as a customer.

This is exactly what happened when my husband Andrew recently ordered some beers from Hand Brew Co Tap Room. The craft beers came in a recyclable paper bag with a punny message written on, and the brewery posted on their Instagram feed.

This act of fulfilment personalisation created a ‘moment’ between Andrew and Hand Brew Co, which in turn creates engagement and repeat business for them. I wonder what comedy gold the Hand Brew Co will write next.

Personalisation in eCommerce

Customers now expect some form of personalised experience, customised to their needs and interests. Many now many now consider customer experience to be the key brand differentiator for customers, more so than price and product.

In a world of fewer face-to-face shopping interactions, online shoppers seek to connect with brands in other ways. Personalisation gives brands the opportunity to do this, so what does personalisation in fulfilment look like in practice?

The  SMARTSlip from RetainMe is a great example of personalisation for fashion and beauty brands. Retailers use the SMARTslip not only to provide transactional info, but to feature products and circulate promo codes to all customers, including those not on the mailing list.

For the customers on your mailing list, CRM systems such as SharpSpring are an effective way to nurture leads with increased engagement from hyper-personalised communications.

There are many distribution companies that offer fulfilment services and the possibilities to tweak the personalisation to align with your brand are endless. Box belly bands or handwritten are just a few ideas of what can done to tailor communications to your customers.

The business benefits of personalisation

Shoppers who get personalised messages and comms are more likely to engage with and stay loyal to your brand because they feel seen and loved. In turn, making your customer feel valued creates more engagement between you both. And this translates to:

– Word of mouth recommendation of your products
– Social media exposure e.g unboxing reels and posts featuring your products, which reaches more accounts and followers
– Repeat business
– Strong brand advocates who share their love of your brand with other potential customers (free referrals!)

By the way – Andrew did DIPA (dip into/IPA) into the beers and had a fun Friday night! And he will order more beers in the future from Hand Brew Co Tap Room. Cheers!

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