Why internal marketing and defining your culture is critical for any expanding business

Written by Kaia Vincent
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Life is good. Your successful business is continuing to grow and with new clients to manage, you need to strengthen your team with quality people– fast. Your HR team spend time and money finding the right candidates however, they decline your offer! Why?

It’s a candidates market

At 4.2 million, the UK unemployment level is at an ten-year low, meaning there are fewer candidates looking for jobs. Political uncertainty (Brexit) also means that many candidates who may have been thinking about a career change are sitting tight and not taking the risk of stepping into the unknown.

To make matters more complex, your industry may also be challenged with skill shortages (e.g. HGV drivers and engineers) causing increased competition between companies looking to recruit the best people. Employing in a candidate-driven market is no fun and hooking the best employees’ (and retaining existing staff) requires your business to rethink its recruitment approach.

It’s not about the money…

Candidates want to ‘feel the love’ from their employer in more ways than purely a pay check. A pleasant working environment that they can be proud of, a forward-thinking culture that moves with the times, recognition and rewards schemes; and for those who socialise, out-of-work activities where they can get to know their peers at a more informal level.

First impressions count

You expect potential employees to be smart and switched on when they arrive for their interview. But does your business do the same? When a candidate arrives at your office, what does your car park, the outside of your office, reception area and interview room say about your company?  Why not play out the exercise.

We all know that first impressions can make or break a sales deal, and attracting a candidate is no different to winning a key customer.

From something as simple an easy-to-park visitor space (nothing worse that stressing out in the car park as the spaces are too difficult to get into) to a modern, fresh and creative reception that reflects your brand and culture – and gives the feeling of “I’d really like to work here.”

Fusing HR and Marketing

Brevity can work with you to make your business more attractive to candidates and existing staff – meaning you have the right people on board to win the best customers. Talk to us on 01256 536 000 about how HR and Marketing can work more effectively together.