Why is successful marketing complex to achieve for SMEs?

  • Too many self-help books and self-certified gurus

  • Outdated marketing theories

  • Methods developed for larger organisations

“The good news is that marketing takes a day to learn. The bad news is that it takes a lifetime to master!”

Philip Kotler

That’s why we reimagined marketing for SME business leaders

We see a world where pioneering business owners realise their sustainability ambitions, weave them into their company’s success story – and ultimately become part of their legacy. Every day begins feeling energised to use their business for the greater good and ends with a feeling of fulfilment as well as financial freedom.

The Marketing Mandala Principles focus on best preparing your SME business for growth and, when the time is right, exit.

Utilising our years of marketing experience in the SME sector, Kaia Vincent FCIM and the Brevity team have developed the Mandala Marketing Principles. 

A Marketing Fellow, Kaia is the Director of Brevity and has worked with over 100 SME business leaders and their teams throughout her 25 year marketing career.

A unique methodology, our Mandala Marketing Principles, are built specifically for SME Leaders and their businesses

Our principles work well for SMEs at the following stages:

Growth stage

Evolve your business in sustainable ways

Harvest stage

Prepare your business for exit and future acquisition