Brevity celebrates 14th year in business and launch of People Planet Pint 

Written by Kaia Vincent
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Brevity becomes B1G1 Champion following 10K impacts achievement

Brevity recently celebrated their 14th year in business with a gathering of local business owners and colleagues at one of the most exclusive countryside retreats in the south of England.

Guests enjoyed a presentation from renowned speaker, author and business leader, Paul Dunn, of B1G1. The international business giving movement allows companies to contribute to a range of causes aligned with the UN Global Goals.

After achieving 10K of charitable impacts in record time, Brevity became a B1G1 champion in 2023 via B1G1’s giving portal. Paul Dunn explained to guests how they could make a similarly positive impact through their business activity.

Brevity team with Paul Dunn and Rakhee Shah from B1G1

People Planet Pint launches in Basingstoke and Worthing

Anniversary celebrations also provided the ideal opportunity to promote Basingstoke’s first ‘People, Planet, Pint’; the regular national networking event is well established in towns and cities across the UK. Professionals from all industries are welcome to attend ‘People, Planet, Pint’.

Brevity also hosts People Planet Pint in Worthing.

Events are organised to create the perfect opportunity for people and organisations that are interested in sustainability to connect. By coming together in an informal setting, they can share conversations and insight about how to use their business for good.

Laura Brown, a Marketing Manager at Brevity who is currently undertaking her Level 6 CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing, comments:

“Sustainability has become a buzz word across many industries.  For us it means doing the right thing for people and planet long-term – not merely judging our success on profit.  We feel so strongly about this that we have amended our articles of association which legally binds us to be a business for good.

“Being a sustainable business for us means making the best decisions when it comes to choosing suppliers, listening, and looking after our team’s needs and career aspirations as well as identifying partners and customers who align with our values and always delivering exceptional service.

“By hosting ‘People. Planet, Pint’ in Basingstoke and Worthing, we hope to provide a forum for likeminded professionals to make progress towards their sustainability goals. Together, we can find ways to use business for good and create a positive change.”